Enterprise architecture consists of a set of constituent architectures, also called domains, and one of them is business architecture.

Business architecture analyses the external environment of the organisation to identify opportunities and threats, and internal environment of the organisation to identify strengths and weakness in its business capabilities and organisational culture. Based on the results of the analyses, it defines strategic goals and tactical objectives to position and reposition the organisation so that value improvement is sustained for the wellbeing of its stakeholders.

At NTechBiz, we utilise relevant enterprise architectural frameworks (i.e. TOGAF®, SEF®) and established business methods and tools to analyse both the external and internal environments of your organisation, to analyse your business model to understand the purpose of your organisation, its offerings, customers, suppliers, and partners, together with the rationale of how your organisation creates, delivers, and captures value in the context of economic, social, and cultural contexts. We can then assist your organisation to reposition itself to gain the desired results, and to identify the necessary business capabilities to achieve them.

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