Enterprise architecture consists of a set of constituent architectures, also called domains, and one of them is security architecture.

Security architecture analyses the threat landscape, tailors this landscape to the offerings, business processes, systems, and interfaces of the organisation to derive their corresponding threat profiles. It then produces the threat models associated with the identified assets and links these models to the enterprise risk models to assess, prioritise, and treat the inherent risks. When these need to be mitigated, then a set of security controls are mapped to these risks and matched against the required defence in depth capability of the organisation.

At NTechBiz, we can use SABSA® or SEF® to analyse the threat landscape and the threat profile of your organisation, produce a threat model to feed a risk assessment, prioritise the inherent risks, derive requirements to mitigate the unacceptable ones, and then design and build a defence in depth capability to mitigate these risks and to support the desired organisational resilience.

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