Enterprise architecture consists of enterprise analysis, enterprise design, enterprise planning, and enterprise implementation, and uses a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of the strategy. It applies architectural practices to guide organisations through the transformational phases that are needed to execute their strategies. These practices utilise various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes. An effective enterprise architecture provides unambiguous, transparent, and pragmatic models that describe the next major stage of evolution of an organisation, which is the target state. It also analyses the gaps between this target state and the current state to derive the required interim states that support the evolution of the enterprise to the target state by closing the gaps.

At NTechBiz, we utilise established enterprise architectural frameworks (i.e. TOGAF®, MODAF®), and the equivalent emerging ones (i.e. SEF®) to deliver the corresponding models of the current and target states, and the required roadmap with its interim states.

Secure Enterprise Framework® or SEF® is a registered trademark of Technognomi Ltd.

Secure Enterprise Framework® or SEF® is copyrighted by Technognomi Ltd.