IASME Governance is an Information Assurance (IA) standard that is designed to be simple and affordable to assist towards the improvement of cyber security in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The standard, which can be downloaded from the IASME website (IASME Standard), is available at two levels of assurance:

  • IASME Governance Self-Assessment. Organisations complete an online questionnaire, which can also be downloaded from the IASME website (IASME Self-Assessment Questions). The answers are marked by a Certification Body that awards the certification if all the submitted answers are compliant with the standard.
  • IASME Governance Audited. Organisations are visited by IASME Certification Bodies that verify compliance with the standard and, if appropriate, issue the corresponding certifications.

NTechBiz can prepare organisations for obtaining the IASME Governance Certification. For further information and quotations, please contact NTechBiz by email at info@ntechbiz.consulting, or by phone at 07454 305 605.