Enterprise architecture consists of a set of constituent architectures, also called domains, and one of them is information architecture.

Information architecture analyses explicit knowledge, information, and data that an organisation needs to support the people and the systems that execute the assigned business processes. This explicit knowledge assists the organisation to create and maintain a knowledge management system, while the underlying information is subject to a finite state machine that determines the lifecycle of this information. Likewise, data are subject to authoritative sources, which ensure that data are reliable, trustworthy, and reusable.

At NTechBiz, we can use TOGAF® or SEF® to analyse the data and information used, processed, and stored by your organisation. We can assist your organisation to identify the authoritative sources of data, and to design and implement a data management programme to ensure that data are standardised, consistent, flexible, and usable. We can also design and implement an information governance programme to classify the information, manage its lifecycle, and ensure that ownership, accountability, and responsibility are applied at every state of the lifecycle.

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